Ceylon Young Hyson Green t-Leaf

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Delicate Ceylon Green Tea from Ceylon's Gampola District, grown at 1,400 feet elevation. This tea has an elegant appearance with long, well twisted leaf yielding a pleasantly mild liquor. A gentle brew, with yellow infusion and a slight sweetness in its finish. The large leaf unfurls when infused, to reveal a full tea leaf. An ideal accompaniment to a meal, or as a relaxing afternoon tea. Its slightly astringent, herbal character displays a touch of fruitiness and a clean finish. Tightly twisted whorls of whole leaf green tea of khaki-green olive and matt green colour. Infused leaf is of same colour but they are full leaves. Medium bodied tea with liquor that is honey yellow with green shades. The aroma is of lightly toasted straw with a faint woody and mature stalk note. Green tannins come across light in astringency and overall, the tea leaves a perception of sweetness in the aftertaste. A youthful and exuberant tea.

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More Information
Tea Type Flavored Green Tea
Format Leaf Tea
Tea Grade N/A
Unit Specification Tin Caddy of 85g (2.99oz)
Box (Pack) Type Tin Caddy
Optimum Order Size Multiples of 2 Tins
Min. Order for Rigid Packing 6
Product Website Dilmah t-Series Home Page
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