Link Sudantha Toothpaste 80g Pack of 6

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Oral hygiene is much valued in Ayurvedic health care. A healthy oral condition is an indication of good health; bad breath on the other hand stems from faulty oral hygiene. Link Sudantha herbal toothpaste has been formulated to present the benefits of a mixture of medicinal plants which have been used in Ayurveda for keeping teeth and gums healthy. It uses a total extract of nine specially selected plant species to formulate regular modern herbal toothpaste. Sudantha therefore, has healing effects on many conditions of gums and mouth while it prevents bacterial infections, tartar build-up, sensitivities and bad breath. In short, daily use of Sudantha safeguards oral health and acts as a mouth cleansing agent, with an acceptable taste and flavour, leaving a refreshing after-taste following use.

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Product Type Herbal Toothpaste
Tags (Mulit-Select) No
Product Website Link Sudantha Homepage
Unit Specification Pack of 6 80g Tubes
Optimum Order Size Multiples of 2 Units
Min. Order for Rigid Packing 2
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