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Link Natural

Link Natural

Established in 1982, Link Natural Products is driven by the challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy of providing innovative, safe and effective herbal healthcare products, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, and herbal personal care and wellness products that are of exceptionally high international standards and integrity.

Link Natural Products prides itself on its modern Research and Development facility and the uncompromised standards and total quality management maintained across all disciplines at its modern ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP certified facility situated in the serene, lush and beautiful environs of Dompe ,in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

A knowledge based, research oriented company, Link Natural Products have successful household brands including the 'Superbrand' Link Samahan for cold related ailments, Link Sudantha a total oral care toothpaste and Link Kesha a head and hair care oil, are produced for both the local and international markets.